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Nail Services

We strive to provide the most luxurious experience Freeport has to offer. Pricing is contingent on type of service and any add-ons. 


Clip, file/shape, buff, cuticle removal and polish.

*Simple nail art only, french not available

Gel Manicure 

Clip, file/shape, buff, cuticle removal and gel polish application.

Mini Pedicure

Quick soak, nail trim and shape, cuticle removal, buff and polish. Focused on toes, does not include sole care or exfoliation. Designed for those who get regular pedicures and just need a quick touch up.

Signature Manicure

Manicure followed by a hand massage, paraffin treatment and hot towels.

Nail Repair Manicure

Manicure with products focused on restoring nail strength and health as well as nail and cuticle moisturization.


Foot soak, nail trim & shape, cuticle removal, foot file, foot & leg exfoliation,  foot massage and polish.

Signature Pedicure

Pedicure + mask, paraffin dip, hot towels and extended leg, salt polish, foot massage and polish. 

Healing Pedicure

Pedicure focused on providing relief from inflammation, muscle tension, and stress. Extended massage with CBD oils and a paraffin dip to stimulate healthy circulation and joint mobility. Recommended for those with arthritis or neuropathy, as well as moms and athletes.

Nail Art

Adding art to nails; this is charged per nail. Pricing is contingent on design chosen. 

Custom Pedicure

Pedicure + nail and skin examination with focus on the following that applies: callus removal, cracked heels, skin exfoliation nail impactions, ingrown toenails, diseased nails.

*Recommended for anyone who has not had a pedicure within 8-12 weeks.

**Instantly applied to pedicure when extra time is required to treat.**

Soak Offs

Gel polish soak off, hard gel, gel extensions, acrylic extensions, dip powder removal - no drill involved.


Gel polish, paraffin dip, moisture mask, collagen mask, aplha-hydroxy mask. 

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